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Sorce: Birth of Echo (Preview) Pg. 6

I move ahead to the front of the crowd so I can be one of the first people inside. Master Uphraeus stands at the gate to the Crystal Fields. The gate is circular and metal, floating just above the ground. Master Uphraeus is checking his watch. I decide to move to his flank and touch the border between myself and the field. I’m startled as my hand touches the invisible shield that ripples with iridescent light as it flows around the field.

“A sorce field.” Master Uphraeus says.

I’m startled at his voice, not realizing that he noticed me and walked over.

“Can it protect anything?” I say.

“It can protect against most things. No need to worry my boy, pretty soon you’ll be able to create your own sorce field.” He says, slapping his relatively giant hand on my back.

“I didn’t practice at all over the last two years. My whole reason for coming here… kind of, isn’t the reason anymore.”

“Well, that’s alright lad. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out what it is you want. But, you seem like a naturally curious one. I bet you’ll find your talents soon enough.”

“To be honest Master Uphraeus, I only signed up because…”

I turn to face him, but Master Uphraeus left me talking to myself. Figures. I hear Master Uphraeus’s watch make a chirping noise in the distance.

“Alright everyone, let’s head on inside!” Master Uphraeus says.

“First things first. Sorce has various uses, one of these being utility. This sorce field is basic, but strong enough to keep out anyone unauthorized to use it. Anyone willing to try shattering it?” Silence from the crowd.

“Well, good. It wouldn’t work and you’d probably get knocked on your bum. As much as watching one of you getting humbled amuses me, I guess we’ll skip it this time.” Master Uphraeus picks up a rock and throws it at the field.

The sorce field then ripples again in fractal light like before but much larger this time.

“Sorce fields can be broken or crossed with enough force, disabling its maker, or knowing the correct counter-spell. Or, if you have the right key…”

Master Uphraeus touches the cufflink on his right hand. As he rotates the cuff, the gate makes an unlocking click and proceeds to open.

“It can be opened.” Master Uphraeus walks in through the gate and gestures everyone to follow him inside.

“Come on in! We’re almost to the best part!”

He says with eager excitement. I quickly move through the gate before the horde of others get their first steps in. The Crystal Fields is a grassy plain with a forest cluster in the back. Four-foot pillars are scattered throughout the grass with cerulean tear-shaped crystals hovering over them. Master Uphraeus stops in the middle of the field and turns towards all the students, I’m at least a few yards ahead of everyone else.

“Well, you seem to be in quite a hurry to get started.” Master Uphraeus says, looking directly at me.

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