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Sorce: Birth of Echo (Preview) Pg.3

“Good morning!” Rosh says. “Good morning.” I reply. I put my items on a scale and the register scans my items. “I love those bars! Great for energy, even better paired with an Acceler-aid.” Rosh says. I look over at the pyramid of Acceler-aid cans next to the register. “You get commission?” I say. Rosh laughs. “No, I almost got sponsored by them when I was your age though. I’m just a fan.” Rosh says. “Alright, I’ll bite.” I say. I swap one can for the water. “Great choice,” Rosh says. “Your total will be D4.” I put my watch up to the payment terminal and it blips with a confirmation. “You’re all set bud.” Rosh says. “Thanks Rosh. I’m Charlie, by the way.” I say. “Nice to meet you Charlie, good luck with your first day!” Rosh says. He’s a little enthusiastic for his job, but his personality is welcome with the hell-of-a day I’m having. I turn my head one last time. I don’t know why. I know who’s going to be behind me. For anyone else, it would’ve been a nice pretty girl who wanted to grab a coffee, or a famous athlete with the offer of front row seats to their next game. For me, I knew it was going to be one or many faces I didn’t want to see. Sure enough, it’s the guy Laurie was talking to, with the biggest and silliest grin I’d ever seen. I turn back and make a hasty walk away from the cafeteria. I make it to the classroom about a minute before class starts. The Master is sitting at his desk with his eyes closed, as if fallen into a deep sleep. Four other students are sitting in class, having already taken their seats. I take another glance at the Master; tall, a long coat with a button up shirt and tie, orange hair and a long-pointed beard to match. A bronze-like nametag floats above his desk that reads “Master W. Uphraeus” with a sticky note attached to it. “Touch Nametag”, it reads. I touch the floating nametag and watch as my name appears on the black board behind the Master. The name “Charlie” materializes underneath four other names. The classroom has auditorium seating, I don’t want to sit up front, don’t want to sit too far back. I find a spot in the middle. A few moments later, Laurie comes in with the guy she was with earlier, now I’m starting to think I know the reason for the breakup. I watch Laurie and this guy along with four other students take seats two rows in front of me. Great, now I get to look at the back of Laurie’s head for the rest of class. We’re not just in the same class, we’re in the same caste. I’m going to have to see her all day, every day, for the rest of the school year. This realization makes me drop my head to the long stretch of table in front of me, making a loud THUD as it hits. I hear a small snicker from a girl to my right. She speaks with a hushed tone. “First day of classes. I know the feeling, but it can’t be that bad. Can it?” A voice says. My head rolls to the side. A girl with jet black hair, button nose, and two-tone, long-sleeved tunic with jean shorts. I let out a sigh of air through my nose. She puts her books on the table and slides out the chair. “I’m assuming no one’s sitting here?” She says. I shake my head. “Go for it.” I say.

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