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Sorce: Birth of Echo (Preview) Pg. 4

I should probably pull my book out before we begin. Where’s my book? I need my backpack. Where’s my backpack? My head falls onto the table again. THUD! This time the sound is loud enough and heard for the second time that I’m sure everyone is looking at me. I hear a few chuckles around the room. Probably at me, maybe not. I don’t know. The ability to care is lost on me at the moment. If I knew a teleportation spell, I’d probably use it to fall into a volcano. “Does he do that all the time?” another voice, male, chimes in from my right again. I keep my head down and eyes shut. “Oh yeah, he’s a total drama queen. He’s been doing this since we met. And his name is…” The black-haired girl says. Silence. “Well, I’m Nathan. Nice to meet you.” Nathan says. “I’m Jessie.” Jessie says. “Nice to meet you, Jessie. I love that tunic!” Nathan says. I hear him taking the seat next to her. Jessie pokes my arm. “And who might you be?” Jessie says. I raise my head with a red mark where it hit the table. I look over at Nathan, tall, brown hair, I’m guessing a little over six feet, wearing a red cardigan. I have a feeling I’m not going to like this guy. “Charlie.” I say. “Alright class! Glad all of you could show up.” Master Uphraeus says. “According to my tablet, you’re all present and accounted for. We have 26 seats in this class I see 23 of you are registered…” He taps his tablet a few times and slaps the sides. “Damned machines.” Master Uphraeus tosses the tablet onto the table and stands to his feet. “Those of you hoping to crash here can come talk to me after today’s lesson.” He scans the room with his eyes, letting the silence settle in. “I am Master Uphraeus. Today we’ll be going over the basics of sorce, but first can anyone explain to me what they think a Sorce is? The profession specifically.” Nathan raises his hand; I assume in hopes to show off in front of Jessie. “You there, Miss?” Master Uphraeus says. He points to Laurie who also has her hand up. “Sorces are those who prefer to wield sorce in its most natural and raw form. Sorces can cast directly from their bodies. With the cost of stressing their physical forms, Sorces create more concentrated and powerful spells in exchange. Sorces command sorce in whatever way they choose, should they be powerful enough to do so.” Laurie says. Master Uphraeus looks at the black board, which rearranged the names to reflect where each student is sitting. He walks around his desk too stand in front of the class. “Ms. Barian?” Master Uphraeus says. “Yes, Master Uphraeus.” “Nice to meet you, Ms. Barian. You’re wrong.” “Um, I’m sorry Master?” “The required text for this class says otherwise, and Sorces are describe-“ “Ms. Barian, I am Master Uphraeus. I’ve been a Sorce since you were in diapers.” “Attention class! I know that the school has required you to purchase a text book by an author who knows nothing about sorce, but that won’t be necessary.” Master Uphraeus continues. Master Uphraeus takes a copy of the book from his desk and tosses it in the trash. “They made that text a ‘requirement’ to seem more prestigious. The stars know why.” “Follow me to the fields. If anyone wishes to use the restroom, now is the time. You will find us specifically at the Crystal Fields. I’ll give everyone a moment to catch up. Now, onward!”

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